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 Azerbaijan, Baku


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Blue-green algae of  the  western part of  the Caspian sea

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Basic scientific achievements

    Special wide research on the blue-green algae of the Caspian sea was conducted for the first time. 52 species (64 infraspecific taxa) of blue-green algae proved new for the investigated part, and 37 species (49 infraspecific taxa) for all of the Caspian sea, two species for Soviet Union. Based on the experimental and field researcher the critical lower salt level of water was established, that prevent intensive development of planctonic blue-green algae brought to the sea by the river water. In fact, for the first time, grouping of dominant benthic blue-green alga was conducted in the Caspian sea.

Names of scientific works

  1. Синьозеленi водоростi захiдної  частини       Каспiйського моря.Укр. ботан. журн., N6,1981, с. 41-45.
  2. Новые для Каспийского моря виды Cyanophyta. Журн. Альгология, К.,т.1, N3, 1991, c. 61-66.
  3. Дополнение  к  флоре  Cyanophyta Каспийского моря. Журн. Альгология, К.,т.2, N3, 1992, c. 87-90.
  4. A comparison of the Caspian and Black Sea blue-green algae. Plant life in South-West and Central Asia. Ege University press Izmir-Türkiye, 1996, 384-389.
  5. Синезеленые водоросли бентоса азербайджанской части Каспийского моря.AMEA botanika İnstitutunun elmi əsərləri, Bakı, cild XXXIII, 2013, c. 54 - 56.
  6. Xəzər dənizinin Azərbaycan  Sektorunun  Nostocales  Sırasının Göy-yaşıl yosunları. AMEA botanika İnstitutunun elmi əsərləri, Bakı, cild XXXVI, 2016, c. 56-60.

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 Member of  Azerbaijan  Botanical Society

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Institute of Botany ANAS, Badamdar shosse 40, Baku AZ1004, Azerbaijan Republic


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(+994 50) 7438861

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((+994 12) 5100458


 (+994 12) 4971994