Place of birth

 District Gusar, Azerbaijan Republic


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 Pharmacentical Department of Medical Institute of Azerbaijan

Scientific degree

Doctor of Chemical Science



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Chemistry of natural and physidogically active substances

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194 and 2  Monograph







Number of patents and certificates of authorship

5 authors’ certificates and 3 patent

Staff training:     

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Basic scientific achievements

More than 50 new for the science physiologically active substances have been individually obtained; defined their structure and spase structure forms by using their up-date spectroscopy (Infrared, Neuclear Magnet Resonance 1H,13C  Deot 135, Deot 90) and classic chemical methods. More than 100 bioactive substances were identified by using up-date spectroscopy and classic chemical methods.

Cure properties of new  seskviterpen lakton badxizinin antiinflammation, thermic and cemical burns, trophyc wounds were clinically investigated as well as they were clinically investigated in two clinics: in the clinics of “Burns” of the Russian Military and Medical Academy and in the Hospital named after Mechnicov.

Memory protection property of Badxizinin was investigated and it was ascertained that it has got an activeness more than twice  than in the preparation used in medicine for this purpose et al.

Names of scientific works

  1. Терпеноиды и фенолепроизхводные растений семенств  Asteraceae и ApaceaeБвку 2005, 312с.
  2. Инфракрасние спектры и строения сесквитерпеновых Лактонов и кумаринов Баку 2006, 223 С.
  3. Sesquiterpene laktones of the Umbellifere.Structural characterizations of badkhysin and its C(5)-epimer isobadkhysin //Acta Crystallographica. 1991. C.47.p.872-877.
  4. Two eudesmanolide- type Sesquiterpene  lactones from Umbelliferae //Acta Crystallographica 1992 C48.P.1543
  5. Исследование сесквитерпеновых лактонв методом спектрокопии ЯМР 13С,I.Спектры ЯМР 13С бадхызина и его производных// Химмия природных соединений 1982.С.452-455

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Pedagogical activity


Other activities

1.Member of the Scientific board of the Institute of Botany, ANAS

2. Member of the D.01.061 Dissertation board of the Institute of Botany, ANAS

Awards and prizes

  1. Honored Science worker of AR
  2. Honorary Decree of ANAS(2005th year)

Main place of work and its address

Institute of Botany ANAS, Badamdar shosse 40, Baku AZ1004, Azerbaijan Republic


 Senior Scientific Worker

Office phone

(994 12) 5024330


(994 50) 3164606

Home phone

(994 12) 5644534