Scientists of the Department of Biological and Medical Sciences are the authors of 4 chapters in the authoritative collection

4 scientific works of scientists of the institutes of Botany, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Genetic Resources, Zoology, as well as Bioresources of Nakhchivan Branch of ANAS, published in 2021 by Springer Publishing House, "Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainability in Asia. Volume 1: Prospects and Challenges in West Asia and Caucasus" in separate chapters.

The scientific editors of the collection are well-known Turkish scientists - prof. Dr. Munir Ozturk, prof. Dr. Volkan Altai and prof. Dr. Rajab Efe. The book is mainly devoted to the current state, protection and sustainable use of biodiversity in West Asia and the Caucasus (Turkey, Russia, Palestine, Georgia, Iran, Azerbaijan).