Place of birth

Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city


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Azerbaijan State University

Scientific degree

Doctor of Biological Sciences


Corresponding-member of ANAS, professor

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Plant Phystology

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Plant Phystology

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Plant Phystology

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Basic scientific achievements

     The basis of her scientific activity constitutes formation of plants under the condition of environmental stress factor, cellular and molecular mechanisms of plant stability, problems of plant physiological ecology like the role of some species of local flora in the bioindication and remediation of contamination of environment. At the same time, her area of interest covers the direction on the conservation and sustainable development of environment. In the last 20 years the study of diversity of endemic and rare plants of local and Caucasus flora, analysis and assessment of the protection status with the modern approaches and investigation of the ways of conservation makes the basis of her activity. Due to Valida Ali-zade’s activity as anresponsible editor the 2nd edition of the “Red Book of Rare and Endangered Plant and Fungi of Azerbaijan” was printed in 2013. At the same time she is the author of Azerbaijani part of the book “Red List of the Endemic Plants of the Caucasus” which was printed in the English language in USA, 2014. It is for the first time in the Republic that the status of populations of rare species included in the Red Book of Azerbaijan was comprehensively studied, special monitoring system was prepared, dynamic database was created. Future dynamics of several sensitive plant species which is under danger of loss was studied via the application of the mathematical modeling opportunities. The scientific results of this multidisciplinary project were specially noted by the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity in 2016, USA. New approaches as population ontogenesis, ethnobotanics, phytosociology, biodiversity informatics was included to the study practice of ecosystems at the Institute of Botany.

    NATO Linkage collaborative research grants, CRG.LG 971653 (1999-2001), LST.CLG 980190 (2004-2005); STCU research grant № 3625 (2006-2008), № 3803 (2006-2009), № 4797 (2009-2011); CEPF (2006-2009, 2007); IUCN (2007-2009); CRDF - BGP -2 (2008-2009), EİF-2010-1(1)-40/26-3; Wolksvagen Stifftung (2009-2018); MSBP (KEW) (2012-2018); İCBA (2014-2016).

Names of scientific works

 1.  Alirzayeva E.G., Shirvani T.S., Alverdiyeva S., Yazici M.A., Ali-zade V.M., Cakmak I. Heavy metal accumulation in Artemisia and foliaceous lichen species from the Azerbaijan flora. Forest, Snow and Landscape Res. Switzerland, 2006, v. 80, N 3, p. 339-348
2.  В.Д.Гаджиев, С.Г.Мусаев, Р.Т.Абдиева, В.М.Али-заде Спорные эндемичные виды флоры Азербайджана. Известия НАНАзерб. (сер.биол.науки), 2008 т.63, №5-6 стр. 8-13
3.  Schatz G., Shulkina T., Nakhutsrishvili G., Batsatsashvili K., Ali-zade V., Kikodze D., Geltman D., Ekim T. Development of Plant Red List Assessments for the Caucasus Biodiversity Hotspot. "Status and protection of globally threatened species in the Caucasus" Eds. N. Zazanashvili and David Mallon, CEPF, WWF, 2009, p.188-192
4.  Али-заде В., Абдыева Р., Алирзаева Э., Фарзалиев В. Международный природоохранный статус и инновационный подход к сохранению приоритетных эндемичных растений Азербайджана.Труды Международной конференции «Биоразнообразие и интродукция растений», Баку, 2009, часть 1, стр. 21-25
5. С.Мусаев, Р.Абдыева, В.Али-заде. Биоразнообразие, оценка и сохранение национальных эндемиков Азербайджана. Известия НАН Азербайджана (сер. биол науки) 2009, №1-2, cmp.10-17
6.  Ali-zade V., Alirzayeva E., Shirvani T. Plant resistance to anthropogenic toxicants: approaches to phytoremediation. "Plant adaptation and Phytoremediation" Eds: M.Ashref, M.Ozturk and M.S.A.Ahmad Springer, 2010, XII, Chapter 9, p.173-192
7. В.М.Али-заде, Т.С.Ширвани, Э.Г.Алирзаева Устойчивость растений к токсичности металлов и нефтяных углеводородов. Подходы к фиторемедиации. Баку, Элм, 2011, 280 c
8.  Alirzayeva E., Ali-zade V., Shirvani T., Roemheld V., Cakmak I. Genetic capacity of some medicinal plants to accumulate heavy metals. Eds, A.Ahmad, T.O.Siddiqi, M.Iqbal. Medicinal plants in Changing Environment. Capital Publ. Company, New Delhi, India, 2011, Chapter 6, p.89-114
9.  V.Ali-zade, V.Hajiev, V.Kerimov, S.Musayev, R.Abdiyeva and V.Farzaliyev. Azerbaijan. p.73-108. In: Red List of the Endemic Plants of the Caucasus. Eds.J.Solomon, T.Shulkina, G.Schatz. USA, Monographs in Systematic Botany, Missouri Botanical Garden Press., Saint Louis, 2014, 451p
10.  Esmira Alirzayeva, Valida Ali-zade, Tamilla Shirvani, Kristina Toderich. Evaluation of wild halophytes of Aralo-Caspian flora towards soil restoration and food security improvement. In: M. Öztürk et al. (eds.) “Plants, Pollutants and Remediation”, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht, Chapter 4
11.  E.Alirzayeva, G.Neuman, W.Horst, Y.Allahverdiyeva, A.Specht, V.Alizade “Multiple mechanism of heavs metal tolerance are differentielly expressed in ecotypes of Artemisa prograns. J.Environmental pollution, 2016

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

1. Member of Society of Plant Physiologists of Russia

2. Member of Society of Plant Physiologists of Azerbaijan

3. Member of Society of Azerbaijanian Biophysists

4. Member of Federation of European Societies of Plant Biologists

5. Member of UNESCO National Committee on Bioethics and Ethics of Science and Technology in Azerbaijan (from 2010 up to present)

6. Lead author of IPBES on the regional assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services for Europe and Central Asia (2015-2017)

Pedagogical activity


Other activities

The member of Bureau of the Department of Biology and Medical Scientists of ANAS

Awards and prizes

1. Awarded by Individual grant of ISF (1993), Order of Glory by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2015, Honorary Decree of the Presidium of ANAS for her Exemplary Services in the field of scientific-pedagogical and organizational affairs.
2. Honorary degree of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (2007)

Main place of work and its address

Institute of Botany ANAS, Badamdar shosse 40, Baku AZ1004, Azerbaijan Republic



Office phone

(+994 12) 5024394


(+994 50) 3928753

Home phone

(+992 12) 5101883


(+994 12) 4970994