Academician Aleksandr Alfonsovich Grosheim, a prominent botanist who contributed greatly to the study of Caucasian flora and vegetation, began scientific and pedagogical activities in Baku in 1927. He worked as an associate professor, professor and head of department (1925-1946) at the Department of Morphology and Systematics of Higher Plants of Azerbaijan State University. A. A. Grosheim headed the botanical department of the Azerbaijan branch of the Transcaucasian branch of the EA of the USSR (1932-1936). In 1934, he was the first director of the Botanical Garden in Baku, and in 1936-1947, the first director of the Institute of Botany, which was established as a branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. A. A. Grosheim has conducted extensive research on plant resources, plant breeding and flora of the Caucasus, including Azerbaijan. On his initiative, reserves in the Republic, especially Lankaran and Mugan reserves, as well as the Herbarium fund were created, and the methodology and structure of the herbarium collection was developed.

      Floristic-systematics occupies an important place among the main directions of A.A. Grosheim's scientific-research activity. He described more than 200 new species of plants for science in the Caucasus. Numerous monographs and books of the academician, as well as half of his more than 200 scientific works, were published during his work in Azerbaijan. The academician's greatest contribution to science is the 8-volume "Флора Кавказа" (1928-1967); "Анализ флоры Кавказа" (1936); "Растительные ресурсы Кавказа" (1946) and others. books called