PhD in biology, asociate professor Asadova Kamala Kamal

Basic activity directions

Implementation of the curriculum for the purpose of training highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres through  masters, doctoral and PhD programs;
Acceptance of documents for master and PhD students. Organization of entrance examinations for doctoral studies and doctoral exams.
Creation of relevant commissions for the defense of master's theses;
Preparation of documents of necessary for attestation of masters, PhD students  and the organization of attestation;
Organization of the participation of master's course in classes in the subjects provided by the curriculum, ensuring the holding of examination sessions, ensuring the preparation of research and scientific-pedagogical practice of masters and the defense of master's theses.
Coordination of the scientific activity of the master and PhD students with the Department of Science and Education of ANAS,, preparation and submission of the necessary documents.
Organization of relationships between the institute and various universities, ensuring the implementation of planned programs for trainees and trainees sent to the institute.

Total number of employees 3
Phone (+994 12) 502 40 53