41 new elected ANAS members awarded with diplomas

At the next ANAS meeting, 16 newly elected active members and 25 newly elected corresponding members of ANAS were awarded diplomas on May 24.

At the event, ANAS President, Academician Akif Alizadeh congratulated the new members, wished them success in further scientific work and in implementation of the basic principles, goals and priorities of state policy, urged them to unite for the future development of blighty science.

Speaking about the recent General Meetings of ANAS, Academician noted that, at the events were discussed the issues that were of great importance for the development of the national science and socio-cultural life of the republic: "Decisions were taken in connection with such issues as continuation of the Academy's activities aimed at Fulfillment of the tasks set by President Ilham Aliyev with the aim of developing science, ensuring active participation of ANAS in the implementation of the "Strategic Roadmaps for the National Economy and the Mainstream" Economy, preferences of scientific research in priority sectors, etc., as well as were held elections to the membership of ANAS".

At the meeting, ANAS President awarded diplomas to the new members of the Academy, badges with a portrait of Nizami Ganjavi and a certificate.