State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic “Science Foundation” Research is pleased to announce a competition for funding for projects and other scientific activities

State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic “Science Foundation” Research is pleased to announce a competition for funding for projects and other scientific activities to support fundamental and applied research projects and other scientific activities, to support scientific activities of scholars of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences engaged in oil and gas, petrochemical industry.

Science Fund Project proposals should relate to the following scientific areas :

• Earth Sciences;

• Technical Sciences;

• Chemistry.

Preference will be given to projects presented in the following priority areas of scientific research and having an interdisciplinary nature:

- Increase oil and gas content of oil and gas fields;

- Deposits of paraffin, tar and sand in oil wells;

- Application of innovative equipment and technologies (including nanotechnologies) in the drilling, production, transportation, processing in the oil industry;

- Use of modern robotics in monitoring oil and gas facilities on land and at sea;

- Creation of a fleet of scientific instruments and equipment to identify oil and gas production;

- Problems of introduction of information and communication technologies in the oil and gas sector;

- Use of computer software and information technologies in optimization of oil and gas production;

- Mathematical modeling of petrochemical processes;

- Geological and archaeological aspects of geophysics of shallow depths;

- Environmental problems of the oil and gas complex and the environment.

The competition is held in the following categories:

- Scientific and research projects of a fundamental and applied nature (Code of the type of competition: NI);

- Special projects (Competition type code: JV);

- Completed in the next year research projects, awarded the "Honorable Award", provided for young scientists (Code of the type of competition: PP).

For research projects of a fundamental and applied nature, depending on the complexity, scope and duration of work, the distribution of funds is provided in the following order:

- For small-scale projects (up to 50 thousand manats);

- For medium-sized projects (from 50 thousand to 100 thousand manats);

- For large projects (from 100 thousand to 200 thousand manats).

In the competition, special projects (JV) are financed in the amount envisaged for small projects. The subject of special projects is:

- Organization and conduct of scientific events in Azerbaijan;

- Participation in foreign scientific events;

- Training and internship on the line of doctoral studies in one of the foreign countries.

In the nomination "Incentive Prize":

- For the first place - a reward in the amount of 10 (ten) thousand manat.

- For the second place - two awards, each amounting to 5 (five) thousand manat.

- For the third place - three awards, each amounting to 3 (three) thousand manat.

Employees of ANAS or SOCAR employees who work together with them in the project can take part in the competition.

Projects for participation in the competition together with a statement signed with the project manager (Form 1) and other documents attached to the application must be submitted personally by the project manager to the Science and Education Department of ANAS Presidium (Address: AZ1001, Azerbaijan, Baku, Istiglaliyat St., 30, room 508).

Projects are accepted until November 1, 2017 every day from 10:00 to 17:00 (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). For additional information, please contact the Department of Science and Education (Phone: + 99412-492-84-48, e-mail: [email protected]).©All rights are reserved.