Discussions on strengthening the adaptive capacity of the Hyrcanic forests held

ANAS Central Botanical Garden, Germany Freiburg University and Islamic and Gilan universities of Iran, held international seminar on "Strengthening the adaptive capacity of Hyrcanic forests to social needs and environmental changes".

Speaking at the event, director of the Institute of Genetic Resources, corresponding member of ANAS Zeynal Akparov noted that, the seminar is devoted to a topic of great importance for the modern period.

     He brought to the attention that specialists from the leading countries of the world took part in the seminar organized jointly by scientists from Azerbaijan, Germany and Iran.

     It was noted that, among the main tasks are the strengthening of the adaptive potential from the socio-ecological point of view of the Hyrcanic forests, the sharing of knowledge and experience in this field, the definition of the role of innovative botanical research in the field of biodiversity conservation and the development of new strategies using modern methods. The event was also dedicated to protecting biodiversity, strengthening existing capacities and bringing this potential to future generations by promoting new approaches.

     Director of the Central Botanical Garden, Doctor of Philosophy in Biology Vahid Farzaliyev said that, in recent years, in its structure, extensive research work is underway to study the Hyrcanic forests. He noted that the scientists of the Central Botanical Garden, having trained in a number of countries in the world, acquired certain experience and knowledge in this direction.

      "Considered as one of the unique natural monuments in the world, the Hyrcanic forests can be preserved and developed by joint efforts and cooperation of neighboring Caucasian countries", the scientist said and said that assessing the ecological and social characteristics of these forests through modern approaches will contribute to their development. He expressed confidence that, the application of the experience of the advanced countries of the world in the Hyrcanian forests will yield successful results.

     Director of the Institute of Botany, academician Valida Alizadeh spoke at the event, noted the need to protect relic and endemic plant species in the Girkan forests, using modern management methods and studying modern approaches to biodiversity conservation. It was noted that the international event is intended for a broad audience of researchers and is aimed at determining the prospects for development in fundamental and applied areas by discussing the results of modern research in the field of biodiversity, as well as using modern innovative approaches.

     Informing about the activities, scientific directions, international relations of the Institute of Botany and the research carried out here, Academician V.Alizadeh noted that, this scientific institution, recognized in the country as a plant studying the plant world in the country, is a wide-ranging scientific center, the species composition of the flora is determined, Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, at the same time, many species and genera of plants.

      The international seminar listening reports on "Sustainable Management of Hyrcanic Forests", "The Impact of Climate Change on the Ecosystem of Hyrcanic Forests and the National Sustainability Strategy", "Azerbaijan's Policy in the Management of Hyrcanic Forests", etc.