Doctors have created a «universal» nanovaccines against influenz

     American molecular biologists have created nanovaccines protect from rare and common strains of influenza, and has successfully tested it on mice. Their findings were published in the journal PNAS.
     A successful test of this prototype has led scientists to think about whether you can force her to deal with all types and subtypes of influenza virus, and to reinforce its action. Following this idea, scientists have changed the structure of nanoparticles, replacing them with fatty components to other protein components of the virus, including its «foot» with which it clings to the spines on the surface of lung cells of people and animals.
     The new version of the vaccine, as demonstrated by experiments on mice, protected rodents from lethal doses of multiple strains of influenza, as belonging to the epidemic versions of the virus, and to more rare varieties.
     Subsequent experiments and add other elements of the virus in these nanoparticles, according to Wang, will create a truly universal flu vaccine capable of protecting humans from all varieties of this disease, not only a rare and contagious virus type A.