Coordination Council of ANAS professors holds the first meeting

      On December 3, the first meeting of the Coordination Council of ANAS professors has been held at the Presidium of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

     Strengthening relations in the field of science and education is one of the main principles of the council. Professors of ANAS should take an active part in the scientific and scientific-organizational life of the academy. They should pay special attention to the integration of science and education in their activities, support the development of innovative activities, actively work towards the development of young cadres, the promoting scientific achievements in the teaching process, opening the meeting, President of ANAS, academician Akif Alizadeh stated. He emphasized the role of ANAS professors in the development of masters in the academy as a high-level specialist.

       Creating scientific name "Professor of ANAS" is an important event in the history of the Academy. Professors of ANAS together with the young academics of the academy are closely involved in the organization of scientifically relevant events, as well as in the selection of dissertation themes in accordance with the priorities and requirements of science in the XXI century, Academician-secretary of ANAS, academician Rasim Alguliev noted.

     Then, chief of Science and Education Head Office, correspondent member of ANAS Aminaga Sadigov noted the necessity of conducting consultations of ANAS professors for masters of the academy. Scientist noted that, the professors of ANAS can contribute to improving the quality of Master's degree at the Academy's institutions. This will give young people who want to get an education to show greater interest in ANAS.

      Later, ANAS professors made speeches. ANAS professors exchanged views on issues training of personnel, organization of grant competitions and summer schools for masters.

At the end of the meeting were given appropriate instructions and recommendations.