The project implemented under the leadership of the employee of the Institute of Botany was awarded bronze medal in VIII Republic contest “Tomorrow’s scientists”

     Aliyeva Aliya and Sarhanbeyli-Guliyev Yusif, 11th grade pupils of lyceum after academician Zarifa Aliyeva who had practical training at the Institute of Botany of ANAS were awarded the third place on “Ecology” nomination in VIII Republic contest “Tomorrow’s scientists” organized in Baku on February 13-14.

     The scientific work on “Cleaning of oil and oil products in waterbodies of algea presented to the contest by pupils have been carried out under the leadership of Dr. Shakar Mukhtarova, head of Laboratory of Algology and Lichenbriology of the Institute. The pupils carried out the identification of algoflora on the samples taken from the areas contaminated with oil in Baku bay of the Caspian Sea, studied the type composition of algea and determined the tolerant species against the oil contamination.