Prospects for the usage of polyene antibiotics in the treatment of cancer discussed

Director of ANAS Institute of Botany, academician Valida Alizade met with head of the laboratory of cell technologies of the Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Associate Professor Larisa Nikolaevich and researcher Irina Rudenkova.

At first, guests were informed about current research areas, international relations and achievements of ANAS Institute of Botany. The meeting discussed the results of a joint international project on a memorandum signed between academic institutions. Representatives of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus stressed that, there are great opportunities for sharing experience at the Institute of Botany.

Then, at seminar organized jointly by organized jointly by the Azerbaijan Medical University, the Institute of Botany and the Institute of Physiology of ANAS L.Nikolaevich delivered a report on “The effect of polyene antibiotics on the clonal heterogeneity of tumor cells in vitro”.

The guests also visited ANAS Institute of Physiology. During the meeting with the staff of the Institute were discussed the issues of experimental development of innovative methods for monitoring the effectiveness and regulation of cancer treatment.