The Institute of Botany of ANAS celebrated inventor-scientist MayisGasimov's 80th anniversary

      The Institute of Botany of ANAS celebrated MayisAlekperogluGasimov's 80th anniversary, prominent botanist, inventor, laureate of the "Lenin Award".

      Academician ValidaAlizade opened the event and talked about M.Gasimov’s life and activity, contributions to the botany science. She noted that the scientist carried out scientific –research works, investigated the collected herbarium materials for a long time and made achievements on the use of dye plants in the food and carpet-making industry.

    Academician IradaHuseynova, vice-president of ANAS stressed great contributions ofM.Gasimov’s scientific researches to the development of dyeing proficiency. It was noted that the scientist besides his scientific activity also acted actively in the social life of the Institute.

      Dr. EldarNovruzov, Deputy Director on General Affairs of the Institute delivered lecture about MayisGasimov’s scientific-pedagogical activity. He noted that In 1973 he defended Ph.D. thesis on “Dye Plants of Azerbaijan and Their Use in Carpet Industry” and received the academic degree of candidate of biological sciences. In 1999 he successfully defended Ph.D. thesis on “Dye Plants of Azerbaijan and Potentials of Their Effective Use” and received academic degree of doctor of biological sciences. As a result of his researches the distribution of more than 1500 species of dye plants were found in Azerbaijan.

      The results of the researches of M. Gasimov were reflected in 150 scientific works, 75 popular science journals, as well as 5 monographs, 6 books, 1 method book, 18 patents and inventions, more than 600 publicistic articles and more than 70 recommendations.

     Dr. AdilAliyev, Dr. SirajeddinSerkerov and other scientists shared their memories in the event.

     Dr. TunzalaGasimova, wife of the scientist, scientific researcher of the Institute of Botany expressed her graditude to the organizers and participants of the event.