Agency “Clarivate Analytics” expert held a seminar at ANAS Institute of Botany

The chief researcher at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, head of the editorial board of “Biopolymers and Cell” journal, “Clarivate Analytics” expert on scientific and information resources Irina Tikhonkova visited ANAS Institute of Botany.

Director of the Institute, academician Valida Alizade and Professor of ANAS Dilzara Aghayeva held discussions on the preparation of “Plant & Fungal Research” journal by the Institute of Botany  in line with contemporary criteria.

Then, expert had provided practical recommendations on how to make the magazine more readable and of high quality.

Later, Institute of Botany held a seminar with the participation of scientists and young specialists. At the seminar, I.Tikhonkova delivered a paper on the main indicators and rules for the effective usage of the global scientific database “Web of Science”.

Expert also spoke on “predatory” journals and methods of dealing with them, publication costs, manuscript design, periodically presenting the achievements of the researcher and scientific organization, key stages of research and publications, as well as the role of the author, reviewer and editor at each stage.