Awarded winners of the competition "Microorganisms and their benefits in life"

Institute of Microbiology of ANAS held a final meeting of the competition "Microorganisms and their benefits in our lives", devoted to the 17th of November - National Revival Day.

Speaking at the event, deputy director for science of the Institute, corresponding member of ANAS Panah Muradov said that one of the main stages of the nation's independence is the 17th of November - National Revival Day played a historical role in the restoration of Azerbaijan's independence.

Director of the Institute of Microbiology, academician Mammad Salmanov and director of the Institute of Botany, academician Valida Alizade spoke about the importance of the competition among schoolchildren. Speakers noted the importance of the competition for increasing the students' interest in science, revealing talented students and their future development.

Vice-president of ANAS, director of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, academician Irada Huseynova spoke about the success of modern independent Azerbaijan in all spheres.

Then the chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists, Ph.D. Famin Salmanov said such activities are important for increasing students' interest in science.

Chairman of the organizing committee of the event, head of the Microbiological Biotechnology Laboratory of the Institute of Microbiology, Professor of ANAS Konul Bakhshaliyeva said that students’ hanmades about microscopic, visual image, harmful and beneficial aspects of bacteria and fungi have been evaluated by the jury in three categories in the competition.

Following the jury's decision, the winners were announced in the following categories: "Schematic effects of microbiological processes with description of microorganism" and "Favorite handmades”.

The first place winners were Oguz Isayev, Finara Najafova and Mammad Huseynov, students of Baku European High School, Gymnasium of Art and Young Talents High School. Second place was taken by the students of Baku Modern Education Complex - Bayim Seyidova, Murad Aghabalayev, Fidan Ahmadova, Laman Guliyeva, Dilbar Najafova, Nuray Huseynzadeh, Govhar Aslanova and student of Baku school # 103 Shahana Ismayilova were deserved to the second place.

The students of the schools - N 221, 232, 14, 21 and Salyan district school N 4, as well as the Baku Modern Education Complex took the third place.

The winners were awarded with diplomas and prizes, while the students with favorite handmades were given presents and certificates.