ANAS has developed a new bioinformation program for quick analysis of the genomic data of coronavirus

In many countries of the world, on the initiative and with the financial support of international and local foundations, as well as well-known organizations, numerous competitions have been announced, scientific research on COVID-19, covering various fields, has been launched and an extensive database has been created.

Taking into account the research that is being conducted in the world, the Institute of Genetic Resources of ANAS also started research and obtained important results. In the course of targeted research by employees of the Department of Biotechnology and the International Laboratory of Computer Genomics, a new bioinformation program was developed for rapid analysis of the genomic data of thousands of strains of coronavirus, through which a comparative analysis of 17,983 SARS-CoV-2 genomes covering 77 countries was carried out.

The genomic data of different countries were compared with the reference genome, as well as with each other. The types of their variations (TNP, insertions, deletions, indels), the strength of the effect, the regions in which the mutation occurs, substitutes, mutated genes, codons, amino acids, and the number of mutated strains were identified.

In addition, for the first time in Azerbaijan, a new web page ( was created and commisioned by researchers to ensure the accessibility of the results obtained in the course of multilateral analysis of large genomic data. A web page can become an important base for studying the origin of mutations occurring in the virus genome, tracking them, as well as conducting comparative analysis with new genomes.