Released the 7th and 8th issues of "Elm” newspaper

The 7th and 8th issues of "Elm" newspaper, the press organ of the Presidium of ANAS, have been published.

The front pages of the newspaper contain President Ilham Aliyev's decrees "On awarding the State Prize of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of science for 2020", "On the establishment of the State Historical-Cultural and Nature Reserve “Beshbarmag Mountain " and a number of decrees.

The next pages of the publication include the online General Meeting of ANAS, as well as the online meeting of the Presidium, the launch of systematic research at the Academy based on the calls of the President, the online event of the Scientific Council of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, the third meeting of the Working Group on scientific and technical cooperation , an online international conference on "Human Genetics and Genetic Diseases: Challenges and Prospects", etc.

In addition, readers can get familiar with articles; "Leader headed for  A War of Independence", "A new stage in the fight against pandemics: gratitude and responsibility", "Pandemic period was a successful test of Azerbaijani statehood", "Postpandemic or postamnesic period", "Natural methods of immunity in pandemics" "Ways to strengthen", "Valuable publication to remove the veil of secrecy over the assassination of Nadir Shah", "The Fourth Industrial Revolution", "The country's first web portal celebrates its 25th anniversary", etc.

The 24-page newspaper also contains interesting articles in Russian.

Note that the editor-in-chief of the "Elm" newspaper, which has been published since 1984, is Agahuseyn Shukurov, head of the Public Relations, Press and Information Department, PhD in Philology.