Employees of the Institute of Botany visited the expedition

Employees of the Laboratory of Phytosociology of Ecosystems of the Institute of Botany of ANAS visited the expedition in Gusar, Lankaran, Lerik and Astara regions.

The main purpose was to study the distribution of useful plants found in forest ecosystems and in the early autumn along the Caspian Sea coast, study their phytocenotic properties and learn the current state of rare plant populations.

During the field research, more than 50 medicinal and nutritional trees, shrubs and grasses were recorded in these areas. 10 rare species (Alcea lenkoranica, Alibizia julibrissin, Alnus subcordata, Buxus hyrcana, Diospyros lotus, Parrotia persica, Pterocarya pterocarpa, Punica granatum, Taxus baccata, Gelkova scarif, Zelkova scarine) were collected both in forests and on the coast, GPS coordinates were taken and the condition of the populations was studied.