An article co-authored by a botanist was published in an international journal

The article co-authored by the head of the department of the Institute of Botany of ANAS, associate professor Rashad Salimov together with the international expert group was published in the "Taxon" magazine, indexed in the "Web of Science" database and included in the Q1 quartet in the field of plant taxonomy.

The article is dedicated to the World Flora Online (WFO), a global resource database containing more than 400,000 known tubular (vascular) plant and moss species distributed on Earth.

There is a need for a systematic analysis and generalization of the knowledge gained as a result of botanical, taxonomic and, more recently, phylogenetic research that has lasted for more than 260 years around the world. In this regard, the adoption of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) in 2011 gave a significant impetus to the development of the World Flora Online (WFO) Consortium.