Head of sector of the Public Relations and Information Department of ANAS elected “Activist of the year”

Head of Public Relations and Information Department of the Presidium of ANAS Nargiz Gahramanova was awarded an honorary diploma in the nomination “Activist of the year” for her social and political activities within the social platform “Azerbaijani culture”.

It should be noted that the main goal of the social platform “Azerbaijani culture”, which has been operating for five years, is to promote Azerbaijani culture, national and moral values, our nation and bring it to a wider audience through social networks, as well as to instill national spirit and patriotic feelings into younger generations. The platform also aims to educate pupils and students on the rich historical and cultural heritage, culture, art, literature and opportunities of the Azerbaijani people in social networks.

It should be noted that this award is presented to those who are selected for productive activities in their specialty.