Well-known physiologist Elmira Panahova’s 80th anniversary has been celebrated

The Institute of Physiology named after academician Abdulla Garayev of ANAS celebrated the 80th anniversary of well-known physiologist, doctor of biological sciences Elmira Panahova.

Speaking at the event, Director General of the Institute of Physiology, Professor UlduzHashimova informed about the scientific and scientific-organizational activities of the scientist. She noted that Elmira Panahova was born in Baku in an intellectual family. She received her primary education in Baku, but due to the relocation of her parents to Moscow, she continued her education there and graduated from high school with honors.

She entered the Faculty of Biology of the Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University) in 1959 and successfully graduated in 1964. Then she started her career as a junior researcher at the Institute of Physiology of ANAS, and later worked there as a researcher, senior researcher, group leader and laboratory head.

E.Panahova is one of the leading researchers who has fundamentally and practically analyzed the theoretical foundations of the topics on “Neurophysiology of centrifugal regulation of visual perception”, one of the main problems of the priority areas of biological and medical sciences. Her scientific results in this field contributed to the further formation of Azerbaijani science, and her important results were discussed at national and international scientific conferences, seminars and symposiums, and were highly appreciated by scientists and leading experts.

According to U.Hashimova, the scientist deservedly represents Azerbaijani science at international conferences.

In 2016, the scientist headed the creative group “Physiology of vision” and is currently the head of the laboratory of physiology of vision and neurodegenerative processes.

Doctor of Biological Sciences E.Panahova is the author of about 180 research works, including 1 monograph.

Professor Ulduz Hashimova then congratulated the scientist on her anniversary on behalf of the staff of the Institute and wished her new success in scientific work.

At the end, Doctor of Biological Sciences Elmira Panahova thanked the organizers of the event.