Institute of Botany of ANAS and Azerbaijan Society of Botanists will held Symposium dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the academician V.I. Ulyanishev
20 September 2018

                                          Dear colleagues!     

     We invite you to take part in the Symposium held by the Institute of Botany of ANAS and Azerbaijan Society of Botanists on November 8, 2018 in Baku. The event on the theme: "The role of Academician V.I. Ulyanishev in the development of mycological research in Azerbaijan" is dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the academician  V.I. Ulyanishev. 




Subjects of the symposium:

  • Current problems of mycology: integrative approaches in the study of fungi.
  • Botanical investigations: new challenges in the research of systematics, evolution and ecology.
  • Resources of local flora: rational use and strategy of conservation.
  • The most important issues in the field of experimental botany (physiology plants, biochemistry and biophysics).
  • Interdisciplinary research.


     The abstract shall consist of 1 page (A4), the page margins on all sides are 25 mm. The text shall contain no more than 400 words and composed as one paragraph with the font "Times New Roman", size 12, line spacing 1. The abstract begins without a paragraph. The submitted abstract shall be saved in word form. doc.

  The structure of the abstracts sent to the symposium shall be as follows.

  1. Title of abstract (bold)
  2. Name, surname of author(s) (not bold)
  3. Name of the institution, city, country, email address of the responsible author
  4. Key words: 5 words or combinations
  5. The abstract text shall include the following parts: introduction, research methods, conclusions and discussions. References (if necessary specify 2-3 literatures)
  6. The abstracts shall include scientific novelty. Submitted abstracts will be selected by the Scientific Council for presentation.
  7. Abstracts can be prepared in the Azerbaijan, English and Russian languages.
  8. Deadline for abstract submission: October 20, 2018. Abstracts shall be sent to the email address: