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 Azerbaijan State University

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Chemotaxonomy of wormwood species belonging to the Seriphidium subspecies distributed in the flora of Azerbaijan

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2432.01-Biological Resources

Study of the species of Wormwood (Artemisia L.) distributed in the flora of Azerbaijan

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Basic scientific achievements

 The main direction of A.N.Aleskerova's scientific activity was the study of the species Artemisia L of the family Asteraceae J.Presil widespread in the flora of Azerbaijan. For the first time, the species status of 8 controversial species of wormwood Rzazade was restored using the chemotaxanemia method as a chemical marker of sesquiterpene lactones characteristic of the genus Artemisia L. It is recommended to include these species in the future new edition of the flora of Azerbaijan. The obtained stable sesquiterpene lactones Artemisia fedorovii Rzazade, A.iskenderiana Rzazade, A.nachitschevanica Rzazade, A.eldarica Rzazade, A.latschinica Rzazade, A.prilipkoana Rzazade, A.kobstanica 

Rzazade, A. iisayevii Rzazade A.hanseniana var. phyllostachys) from these species were used as a chemical marker to restore the species status of these species.

There are 42 types of wormwood in Azerbaijan. By the method of chemotaxanamia, 37 sesquiterpene lactones with antioxidant activity were obtained from 18 controversial species, of which 17 are new substances for science - sesquiterpene lactones (alkhanin, alkhanol, alkhanen, erivanin, jeyranbatanolide, splendolid, iskenderolidab, iskenderin, arenderin , merizolid, artesovin, shoonachalin A, B, C, D), which are proposed for complex pharmacological research.

Another area of research is microbiological studies of essential oils of wormwood. Received 3 inventions on its application. During the research, the ptotozoic properties of 8 species of protozoa, 3 types of antimicrobial drugs, 12 types of fumigants, 6 types of virilides, 11 types of fungicides and 14 types of aqueous infusions in vivo and in vitro were studied, 3 inventions were obtained for specific use.

As a result of experimental studies, 3 medical inventions were obtained: "Protozoal agent against intestinal protozoa" (I 2009 0194), (2009) "Protozoal preventive agent" (I 2012 

0100), 2012 For the first time from A.fragrans received an inventor's certificate "On the antioxidant effect of alkhanol, erivanin-sesquiterpene lactones" (No. 1734344 from 01.07.1992). antidote "(21а) 20160093. The invention was obtained in 2020. They can be used to produce therapeutic drugs. Essential oils from wormwood can be used as raw materials in the preparation of medicines with antimicrobial, antiparasitic, anti-fumigant, and other properties.

Continuing her research, she continues her experimental studies of several species of Centaurea L. from the genus Asteraceae J.Presil. Her research is to continue researching biologically active substances in different directions simultaneously. As a result, as a result of the research, more than 140 scientific papers were published: 33 of them in indexed journals, 32 in prestigious foreign journals

Names of scientific works

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 Institute of Botany National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Badamdar Highway, 40, Baku, Az1073


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