Doctor of Biological Sciences Dilzara Nadir Aghayeva

Basic activity directions Trends of development of the classical and experimental researches in the sphere of mycology in Azerbaijan includes investigation of diversity and data collection on species distribution; creating informative electronic Database; compiling check-lists considering geographical regions and the taxonomic groups; establishing status of pathogenic and dubious species by using molecular biology approaches; revealing and study of biology of agents causing disturbance in the ecosystem, defining the medicinal, rare and endangered species and designing out proposals for their protection.
Main scientific achievements

Fungi of terrestrial ecosystem, especially micobiota of Quba and Qusar districts of Azerbaijan have been investigated, species list were prepared. Disease causing pathogens and potential pathogens of tree, shrub and herb plants were defined.
The population of Cryphonectria parasitica has been studied in the country by application phenotypic and genetic markers, vegetative types, mating types and dominant genotypes of the fungus different from those in Europe, have been found.
Powdery mildew fungi (Erysiphales) was investigated, and check-list containing 134 taxa was prepared. Two new powdery mildew species - Erysiphe azerbaijanica Abasova, Aghayeva & Takamatsu on Castanea sativa, and Erysiphe linderae Abasova & S.Takam on Lindera praecox was described.
Erysiphe arcuata, E. berberidis var. asiatica, E. corylacearum, E. quercicola, E. syringae-japonicae and E. viciae-unijugae are new powdery mildew records on six plant species from families Betulaceae, Berberidaceae, Fabaceae, Fagaceae and Oleaceae for Azerbaijan.
Castanea sativa for E. quercicola, Lathyrus odorathus for E. viciae-unijugae, Berberis vulgaris for E. berberidis var. asiatica, Carpinus orientalis for E. arcuata, Alcea rosea for Golovinomyces magnicellulatus var. magnicellulatus and Polygonum alpinum for G. spadiceus are new host records in the world.
24 new mushroom taxa were recorded for Azerbaijan.

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