The Institute of Botany commemorate the 27th anniversary of January 20 events

     Today an event devoted to the 27th anniversary of January 20 events was held at the Institute of Botany of ANAS. The event participants commemorated the martyrs with a minute of silence.
     Dr. Ogtay Mirzaev, chairman of the Trade Committee of Institute noted that the tragedy of January 20 was engraved in the pages of the history of the heroic struggle for the freedom and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and stressed that people who had lived in slavery of the Soviet empire for many years entered the glorious history of courage for their freedom.
     He noted that on January 20, 1990 peaceful people who went out the streets as a sign of objection against the preconceived policy of the former USSR Government with regards to Azerbaijan were brutally killed. Soviet military units were brought into Baku and mass butchery event was procreated against the peaceful people. In this bloody event 133 people became martyrs and about 744 were wounded.
     A video about January 20 tragedy was demonstrated to the participants of the event