Scientific investigations have been held in Khara Zira island of the Caspian Sea

     Khara Zita island of the Caspian Sea has become a scientific investigation object of Azerbaijan National Scientific Academy (ANAS) firstly at the last 80 years in Azerbaijan.
   These investigations started by Zoology and Oil and Gas Institutes of ANAS, considered a great scientific case in the history of ANAS will cover archipelago islands of Absheron and Baku including islands Chilov, Khaza Zita, Kur dili, Boyuk Tava, Kichik Tava, Gil.
     The first scientific expedition Chilov and the second one were recently arranged in Khara Zira island for holding investigations.
     Soil formation process, vulcanization, fauna and flora of archipelago islands of Baku and Absheron peninsulas was studied upon investigations.
     Oil and Gas Institute studies the soil formation process, vulcanization, but Zoology Institute the flora, fauna and landscape of islands. 80% of fauna and flora of islands is almost vulcan origined, that’s why these investigations have great improtance for Azerbaijan science.
     Dron aparatus was firstly used upon expeditions. Region monitoring was held by dron and photos were taken. Information was obtained for 14 minutes by dron which require a week without dron.
     20 men expedition group includes geologists, soil scientists landscape scientistsç geobothanics. The expedition will be held for 2 years.