ANAS Institute of Botany expands scientific ties with the Republic of Kazakhstan

Deputy Director for Scientific Work of ANAS Institute of Botany, Doctor of Botany Eldar Novruzov was on a scientific mission in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The visit took place within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed this year between the International Research and Production Holding "Phytochemistry" in the city of Karaganda and the Institute of Botany of ANAS.

The purpose of the visit was to get a close acquaintance with the activities of the holding, discuss the plan of joint work envisaged in the future, demonstrate the prospects of the results obtained in the study of plant resources in Azerbaijan and determine their implementation.

At the meeting with the participation of the head of the holding, Academician Sergazi Minzasarovich Adekenov and the staff, E.Novruzov delivered a report on "Vegetable resources of Azerbaijan their prospects and problems". The scientist also got acquainted with modern laboratories, in which chemical, biological and pharmacological studies are conducted.

At the laboratories of Chemistry of Phenolic Compounds and Analytical Control and Physical Research Methods, scientists conducted experiments using physical, chemical, chromatographic and spectroscopic methods and established the composition of polyphenolic compounds of plant objects.