ANAS Institute of Botany organized training for employees of the Republic Centre for Children's and Youth Development

ANAS Institute of Botany for the staff of the Republic Centre for Children's and Youth Development for the purpose of education and professional development organized training on “Ecology of plants”.

At the event, attended by the leaders of 34 sections, the head of the Department of Herbarium of the Institute, Doctor of Philosophy in Biology, Parvan Garahani, informed in detail about the valuable specimens stored in the Herbarium Fund, the conditions for their injury and digitization.

She brought to the attention that Herbarium Collection provides great services to science in terms of processing and documentation, as well as long-term storage of dried plants. Botanists often turn to the Herbarium Foundation to study the ecological, geographical and individual changes in plants.

Further, the head of the Laboratory of Phyto Sociology of Ecosystems of the Institute, Doctor in Botany Naiba Mehtiyeva informed about rare, endemic and endangered plants, as well as I and II editions of the Red Book of Azerbaijan. She said that in the first edition, which saw the light in 1989, 140 species of higher plants were included. And of the 300 species included in the second edition, 266 plants belong to the higher, 20 to the lower and 14 to the fungi.

At the seminar, the scientific employee of the laboratory Nigar Murselgizi, doctoral candidate Hanum Hasanova explained the rules of using the Red Book, gave information on which category, national and regional status includes plants, distribution area, brief description, biological and ecological features, trends and measures for plant protection.

In conclusion, the guests got acquainted with the Museum of Botany, created to promote botanical science.