Vugar Babayev: "Preventing the production of counterfeit industrial and motor oils is one of the main challenges of our time"

     Today in ANAS in the direction of obtaining high-quality oils there are 4 scientific institutions - the Institute of Petrochemical Processes, the Institute of Chemistry of Additives, the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and the Institute of Polymer Materials. The scientific potential of these organizations is mainly aimed at obtaining quality oils as a result of research and development.

     This was announced by the director of the High Technologies Park (HTP) of ANAS, Doctor of Philosophy in Agrarian Sciences Vugar Babayev. According to him, within the framework of innovative projects implemented in this direction in the Academy of Sciences in 2013-2018, the strengthening of science-intensive production, increasing the role of science in production and organization of a number of strategically important products on the scientific bases of local production, by preventing their import to the republic.

     The establishment of the High-Tech Park (HTP) in accordance with the Order of AR President Ilham Aliyev of November 8, 2016 is regarded as state support aimed at expanding the sphere of innovation and high technologies based on modern scientific and technological achievements.

     In a short time, with the participation of scientists and specialists in LLC "Experimental-Industrial Plant of ANAS" on the basis of local raw materials, the production of new generation lubricants was launched, surpassing its foreign counterparts in terms of key indicators.

     Over the past year, several enterprises engaged in the production of industrial and motor oils began to function in the republic, and in a short time dozens of product lines of strategic importance were launched by them. This, at first glance, is a good indicator for the development of the economy in our country. However, only after testing the quality of products with extensive laboratory testing on the basis of regulatory and technical documentation, in accordance with the received positive response, their mass production should be allowed.

     Currently, the introduction of these procedures is not mandatory, and the quality of lubricants offered by newly established large domestic enterprises creates a number of doubts and dissatisfaction. There is a serious need to establish an appropriate technical committee or scientific expert council to ensure an objective control over the quality of products produced by oil-producing enterprises.

     One of the rare laboratories accredited to control the quality of industrial and motor oils in our country belongs to the LLC "Experimental-Industrial Plant of ANAS", which is a resident of the High Technologies Park of ANAS.

     Preventing the production of fake and substandard industrial and motor oils, which have become a serious problem in Azerbaijan, is one of the main tasks of the modern era.