May 22 - International Day of Biodiversity

     May 22 - International Day of Biodiversity. The decision on this was taken by the UN General Assembly on December 20, 2000.

     The main goal of this day is to draw the attention of the world community to biodiversity that is exposed to natural and anthropogenic factors. The slogan of this year's annual celebration in 2018 is "Biodiversity and 25-year activities".

     It should be noted that, in 1992, was adopted International Convention on Biological Diversity in Nairobi, Kenya. The Convention was established to protect the world's biological heritage on a global scale.

     Azerbaijan joined to this document in 2000.

     In accordance with the Convention main principles in connection with the protection of biodiversity, on the territory of the Republic the existing network of specially protected natural areas was expanded, new national parks, state nature reserves were created, the protection regime was strengthened in these territories, measures were taken to bring the existing legislation into line with international legal norms.

     Currently, there are 9 national parks, 11 state nature reserves and 24 nature reserve in the country. In general, specially protected natural areas make up 10.3% of the country's territory. 3.7% of this territory is allocated to national parks.