The Institute celebrated 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

     The event devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was held at the Institute of Botany of ANAS.
     Dr. Eldar Novruzov, deputy director on the scientific affairs of the Institute gave information about the historical significance of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the first democratic, parliamentary republic which has played an unprecedented role in our people's history.
     He noted that Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, which embodied our People’s national awakening and regeneration, further enriched national statehood traditions left an indelible mark in our history even though it had lived for only 23 months.
     Azerbaijan Democratic Republic had been operating in the stressed and complex social-political condition occurred inside and outside of our country.
     ADR during its existence for a short period carried out important reforms in the state and military organization, economy, education, agrarian and other fields. The scientist who presented the Declaration of Independence declared in Tbilisi on May 28, 1918 stressed that Independent Azerbaijan Republic is a social and cultural heir of the ADR.
    At the end video reflecting the historical moments regarding to the period of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was demonstrated.