A meeting with students who earned 700 points during the entrance exams

     ANAS Central Scientific Library, the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan held a meeting with students who earned 700 points during the entrance examinations to higher educational institutions for the 2018/2019 school year.
     Academician-secretary of the Department of Social Sciences, academician Nargiz Akhundova, director of the Institute of Additive Chemistry, academician Vagif Farzaliyev, Deputy Director for research of the Institute of Physics, academician Javad Abdinov, director of the Institute of Linguistics after Nasimi, academician Mohsun Naghisoylu, head of the Chair of Mathematical Physics Equations of BSU, Academician Yusif Mammadov, head of the Department of Source Studies, Historiography and Methods of BSU, Professor Anar Iskendarli, Chairman of ANAS Council of Young Scientists and Specialists, Doctor of Philosophy in Physics Famin Salmanli, Volunteer societies, students and their parents.
     Executive Director of the "Knowledge" Foundation Oktay Samedov congratulated the students and wished them success. Referring to the words of the national leader Heydar Aliyev "Education is the future of the people", he wished the entrants awarded the Presidential scholarship in accordance with the Order of President Ilham Aliyev, assiduously mastered the knowledge, become worthy personnel, replenishing the country's human capital. He noted that as a result of the rapid development of education in our country, the number of students who scored the most points last year was 15, and this year reached 29 people.
     Then, academicians Nargiz Akhundova, Vagif Farzaliyev, Mohsun Naghisoylu, Javad Abdinov, Yusif Mammadov, Professor Anar Iskenderli and the head of the staff of the Knowledge Foundation Professor Isakhan Veliyev delivered speeches. They congratulated students, parents and teachers, wished successes in science and education.
     Further, the Foundation presented gifts to the applicants, who earned 700 points.