Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences got acquainted with the Institute of Information Technology

     A meeting with the delegation led by Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, academician Yulian Revalski was held at the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS. The main purpose was to get acquainted with the institute and to discuss prospects of cooperation in the relevant spheres.

     Academician-secretary of ANAS, director of the institute, academician Rasim Alguliyev first acquainted visitors with the innovative conditions created at the institute.

     At AzScienceNet's Data Processing Center, guests were informed about AzScienceNet, which consists of Data Center, Internet service centers, Network security and network operating centers such as AzScienceCert. Employees of scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS are provided with Wi-Fi, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Cluster Accounts, Hosting, Eduroam, IP Telephony, distributed multifaceted information service, operative information, e-library, distance learning services via this network.

     AzScienceNet science computer network was admitted to membership in the European Association of Science and Education Network (GEANT) as national operator in 2015. The main goal is to ensure the efficient use of the European Union's EaPConnect project by the Azerbaijani scientific and educational institutions, as well as to strengthen the cooperation of the higher education institutions of Azerbaijan with the European science and education institutions.

      Then the guests got acquainted with the Institute's Internet TV - "Info TV", as well as conference halls and Internet café, covering the events held within the institute and presenting the latest developments in the ICT sector around the world.

      Academician R.Aliquliyev informed the guests about the Institute's Training Innovation Center (TIC), said that all the PhD students of the country are involved in the subject of informatics and doctoral examinations at this center.

      Guests were also informed about the activities of the Electronic Library Center equipped with the latest technology in the institute. It was noted that 3M technology was installed to ensure the library's security, authentication of resources, and self-service of readers. The Alephino Library Management System of the “Exlibris’ Company, which is successfully used in a number of European universities and scientific organizations, is applied to develop resource metadata, order management, readers' service, and various content reporting.

     In addition, the representatives from the BAS also got acquainted with the activities of the ”Information Technology” publishing house, mainly the Japanese and German wide-format, high-end digital printing equipment, various books, textbooks and magazines.

     R. Alguliev noted that one of the important treds of reforms implemented recently in ANAS is the integration of science and education. The scientist evaluated the establishment of a Master's Degree in the Academy as one of the most important achievements in this area.

     He talked about scientific research on various aspects of academic information technology and information society problems. He noted that at the institute investigations on information security, biometric technologies, economy of information and knowledge, software engineering, e-government formation, e-education,etc are under way.

     Later on, the academician Yulian Revalski informed about the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies. He said that in this scientific institution, research is being carried out on Big Data and supercomputer technologies, information security, software engineering and other priority areas.

     The guest emphasized the importance of establishing cooperation between the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS and the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of the BAS and said that they are interested in the exchange of personnel and experience.

      The president of BAS highly appreciated the innovative conditions created in the institute, expressed his confidence that the scientific relationships will be developed in the relevant directions.