Science Development Foundation announces the 9th Mobility Grant competitio

     The Science Development Fund under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan has announced the 9th Mobility Grant competition.

     The purpose of the competition is to stimulate the activities of scientists engaged in scientific research in the field of nature, accurate, technical, humanitarian and social sciences, to participate in scientific events and short-term experience abroad, to introduce scientific results received in Azerbaijan, to exchange experiences and to establish new contacts.

     Projects to participate in the competition will be accepted from January 7, 2019. Online reception of the projects will be held on February 28, and the print version will be accepted on March 1, 17:00. Applicants may submit documents only from May 1 to June 15, 2019 and September 1 to November 30 in international scientific events and short-term scientific internship programs.

      The results of the competition will be announced in March-April 2019.

      Projects can be submitted to this competition only through the "e-GRANT" = "Grant Projects Electronic Governance" ( ), an innovative technology created by the Science Development Foundation. This system is based on the principles of electronic government and implies the use of "ASAN Signature".

      Consultation workshops will be held to assist grant applicants within the timeframe provided for the project. Additional information to be published on the Fund's website.