The next issue of the scientific-popular newsletter "Botanical World" was published

     As in all periods of time, propagation of scientific knowledge in society is one of the topical issues. The provision of the society with essential information in this area is directly related to the dynamic development of science and technology.

     Recently high-level organization of the popularization of the science, propagation of innovations and achievements in science in Azerbaijan is one of the priorities of ANAS.

          From this point of view the newsletter “Botanical World” being published in two languages (Azerbaijan and English) every year since 2010 makes its valuable contributions. This information is extremely important in building collaboration bridges between local and foreign scientists and allows the integration of our scientists into world science.

      The next Newsletter No.15 is devoted to the scientific activity of the Institute of Botany in 2018. The Newsletter provides information on the events dedicated to the anniversaries of prominent scientists with unexampled services in the development of botanical science in Azerbaijan, results of successful projects carried out at the Institute, scientists’ business trips to foreign countries, as well as foreign guests visiting the Institute, international scientific workshops, personnel trainings within science-education, employees’ scientific achievements, joint expeditions and etc.