General meeting of “Society of Azerbaijan Botanists” public association was held

     The general meeting of “Society of Azerbaijan Botanists” public association was held at the Institute of Botany of ANAS. The event was opened by academician Valida Alizade who acquainted the participants with the matters of current interest. She noted that the works regarding the registration of public association by the Ministry of Justice is finalized, the name was confirmed.

     Scientific secretary of the Society, ANAS professor Dilzara Agayeva presented the form of membership card as well as gave information with regards to the rules determined for membership admission.

      The event continued with the discussion around the matters such as the organization of the annual meetings, creation of official internet page and printing formats. Corresponding member of ANAS, prof. Elshad Gurbanov, Dr. Aydin Asgarov, Dr. Eldar Novruzov, Dr. Vahid Farzaliyev, Dr. prof. Sayyara Ibadullayeva, Dr. Esmira Alirzayeva and Dr. Rashad Salimov provided their proposals and recommendations regarding the organization of events and involvement of young specialities to the projects in order to support their development in regions, as well as organization of enlightening workshops and botanical tours for people for the conservation of plant diversity.

      In the end the decision was adopted on the matters of current interest by the common consent.