Master’s student of the Institute of Botany won the competition “Master’s student -2019”

Within the framework of the “Science Day”, the competition “Master’s student -2019” was held among master’s students studying in the magistracy of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. The works of 35 master’s students presented to the competition were evaluated by the Expert Commission established by the order of the ANAS president.

Several criteria, such as points scored by students during the entrance exam to the magistracy held by the State Examination Center, total average success rates they gained at the examination sessions, scientific articles published in local and international journals, participation in trainings, scientific research projects, conferences and other events were considered during the evaluation.

Lala Isgandarova, 2nd year master’s student of the Institute of Botany of ANAS was awarded the first place for the results of the comptetion “Master’s student-2019”. Note that Lala Isgandarova participated in the specialization course organized on the Molecular Phylogenetics of Plants in the Free University of Berlin (Germany) in January of this year.

On behalf of our collective we congratulate Lala and wish her further success!