ANAS Institute of Manuscripts published the work "The Perfumed Garden"

       ANAS Institute of Manuscripts after Mahammad Fuzuli published the work by the Azerbaijan scientist lived and created at the end of XIII and early XIV centuries Mohammad ibn Mahmud ibn Haji Shirvani "The Perfumed Garden".

      Employee of the institute Muzafaddin Azizov translated the book from Arabic. The author of the "Preface" is Doctor of Philology, Professor Kamandar Sharifli and the scientific editor is Doctor of History, Professor Farid Alakbarli.

       The article deals with pharmaceutical art, preparation, testing of mineral, herbal and animal origin, rules for the preparation of drinks and foods during various diseases, wide interpretation of spices with sorting according to the Arabic alphabet and useful information is provided to the reader.

       The "The Perfumed Garden", which has a special place in the development of medical science in Azerbaijan in the Middle Ages is intended for medical professionals of the modern era, as well as a wide range of readers.