ANAS Institute of Botany will collaborate with Turkey National Botanical Garden

A group of employee of Turkey National Botanical Garden of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry located in Ankara, Turkey Muharram Jihan, Dr. Ozlem Mavi Idman and Marva Yılmaz visited the Institute of Botany of ANAS.

Perspectives of establishing collaboration relations were discussed in the meeting attended by academician Valida Alizade, Director of the Institute of Botany of ANAS and Dr. Vahid Farzaliyev, Director of the Central Botanical Garden.

Academician Valida Alizade informed the guests about the scientific-research directions, international relations, joint projects and achievements of the Institute of Botany. The guests got acquainted with the Museum of Botany, Herbarium Foundation and laboratories. They were also informed about the activities made for the inclusion of herbarium samples of local and foreign flora stored in the Herbarium Foundation to the European Database and World Flora.

The guests highlighted that there are great opportunities for the collaboration perspectives, exchange of personnel and experience, organization of joint projects and expeditions and exchange of seed and herbarium materials.