Master’s degree program educational process of ANAS is improved

At today's meeting of the Presidium of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, ANAS academic secretary, ANAS corresponding member Aminaga Sadigov spoke on the improvement of the educational process in Master's degree program of the Academy.

Speaking about the organization of the educational process in the Magistracy and forthcoming tasks, the academician-secretary noted that, 120 people entered the Master's degree program of ANAS for 22 specialties and for 75 specializations, and thus, compared with the previous year, in 2019 the number of applicants to the Master's program of the Academy has doubled.

Aminaga Sadigov noted that, 66 doctors of sciences are teaching the students, five are academicians, 19 are corresponding members and 41 are professors and 127 PhDs, 101 are associate professors.

Academician-secretary recalled that since 2019, ANAS has organized training for Master’s degree program on a fee basis, and said that Master's training is being conducted by 26 research institutes.

ANAS corresponding member Aminaga Sadigov recommended to prepare training documents, especially syllabuses, before the start of the school year and submit them to the appropriate departments of education for approval in time.