January 15 is the International Wikipedia Day

January 15 is celebrated as the worldwide Wikipedia Day.

Wikipedia's online encyclopedia began functioning on January 15, 2001, and has quickly become one of the most popular Internet projects. Wikipedia is one of the world's largest encyclopedias, with a rich sources of information.

Founded by Ohio State University’s philosophy professor Larry Senger and American businessman Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia has the highest ranking of hundreds of millions of users and applications on the internet today. Users of Wikipedia not only receive encyclopedic information, but also include media files, animated schemes, three-dimensional objects, and interactive panoramas.

The extensive opportunities created by Wikipedia are also highly appreciated by the management of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. In this regard, Central Scientific Library of the Academy has established a "Wikipedia" Methodological Center, and a number of tasks have been put before the center to operate on various projects of the virtual encyclopedia. Thus, currently, volunteers of the center successfully continue the process of creating articles on the history, culture, prominent personalities, ancient monuments and various scientific fields of our country. Meanwhile, the center is closely participates in the protection of national interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan, timely discovery of sources of real and potential threats to our country, organization of wiki-based content reflecting the historical realities, modern realities, cultural and moral values of Azerbaijan.