Congratulations of the President of ANAS, acad. Ramiz Mehdiyev to the employees of the Academy on the occasion of October 18 - Independence Day

Dear Colleagues!
The people of Azerbaijan are one of the few nations in the history of mankind that has twice achieved its state independence in a century. Despite living in the USSR for 70 years, our people, who managed to revive the historical tradition of statehood and declare independence in the tense socio-political conditions created by the First World War in the Caucasus and in the international arena in the early twentieth century, did not give up their ideals of freedom and achieved its dream, albeit at the cost of his life, towards the end of the century.
The people's movement, which began in 1988, reached its peak with the events of Bloody January 1990, and further strengthened the love of our people for independence. It was the democratic initiatives of the great leader Heydar Aliyev in Nakhchivan at that time - the removal of the words "Soviet Socialist" on behalf of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the adoption of the tricolor flag as the state flag, the genius leader's departure from the Communist Party and his strong protest against the USSR and other decisions played an important role in the restoration of Azerbaijan's state independence.