The Institute of Microbiology is expanding its foreign relations

A memorandum on mutual cooperation was signed between the Institute of Microbiology of ANAS and the State Enterprise of the Republican Collection of Microorganisms of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the memorandum, the parties intend to create a collection of microorganism cultures and conduct joint research in the field of projects, microbiology and biotechnology. In addition, in the field of training, both companies plan to cooperate in organizing scientific conferences and seminars.

According to the memorandum, which will cover 5 yearstwo employees of the opposite party, Dr. Gulmira Bisenova and Janar Tekebayeva visited the Institute of Microbiology and got acquainted with the research conducted in the laboratories of the institution.

During the visit, the guests made a presentation on the work carried out in the Republican Collection of Microorganisms at the Scientific Council of the Institute of Microbiology.

Then the director general of the institute, corresponding member of ANAS Panah Muradov presented certificates to Kazakh scientists.