A new publication entitled "Geography of Karabakh: natural conditions and resource potential" has been published

A new publication of the Institute of Geography named after academician HA Aliyev of ANAS "Geography of Karabakh: natural conditions and resource potential" has been published.

The book was published with the participation of the editor-in-chief of the institute, editor-in-chief Zakir Eminov, director general of the institute, doctor of geographical sciences, consisting of 12 scientists.

The monograph, which covers 10 chapters, is a fundamental and applied scientific document covering the impact of the geographical position of Karabakh and East Zangazur on the natural conditions and socio-economic development, modern physical and economic-geographical problems, as well as the history and toponymy of the study. is a work.

The book includes tables prepared as a result of comparative analysis of numerous maps, pictures, graphs and actual statistical materials. Inland waters, soil and vegetation, fauna, landscape diversity were extensively analyzed.

The book is intended for specialists of government agencies, researchers, university faculty, bachelors, masters, doctoral students, as well as the general public.