Azerbaijani researcher has been awarded an international prize

Zakir Aliyev, Head of the Soil Erosion Laboratory of the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of ANAS was awarded International Scientist Award and Certificate in the prestigious “International Scientist Awards in Engineering, Science and Medicine” by the “VDGOOD” Professional Association in India.

Z.Aliyev’s numerous scientific articles, about 20 inventions and patents, 10 monographs and textbooks with an international expert opinion were highly appreciated. This award is the result of a decision made on the basis of the presentation of prestigious international journals with an audience of millions of readers. “VDGOOD” Association is a unique international platform that brings together scientists and researchers working in industry, engineering, science and other fields around the world to share their knowledge.

The International Scientist Award was established to promote scientific achievements and expand cooperation.