The Department of Chemical Sciences of ANAS made report on scientific and scientific-organizational activities for 2021

The report on scientific and scientific-organizational activity of the Department of Chemical Sciences of the Academy for 2021 was heard at the next meeting of the Presidium of ANAS on January 12.

Presenting the report, Vice-President of ANAS, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the department, academician Dilgam Tagiyev noted that scientific research in the institutes of the department in 2021 were carried out in accordance with the “Priority directions of scientific-research works to be carried out in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2021-2025” approved by the Presidium of ANAS.

Within the funds allocated to the Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry of ANAS named after academician M.Nagiyev to finance projects included in the “Action Plan for 2020-2022 to ensure efficient use of water resources” approved by the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated July 18, 2020,researches were conducted to study the corrosion condition of metal equipment of Bahramtepe water junction and Mugan hydroelectric power station on Araz river in 2021 and to make some physical and chemical measurements. The report on the work done was submitted to the Ministry of Economy.

The following works were carried out in connection with the implementation of the decision of the General Meeting of ANAS dated May 27, 2021:

  • In order to increase the country's defense capacity, 630 liters of lubricating oil were sent to the Maleshov plant in Kharkov to test competitive high-quality lubricants for special purpose military equipment and tested with positive results;
  • In order to study the state of corrosion as a result of operation of hydraulic structures used in water junctions and power plants located in the country, water samples were taken from the Bahramtepe water junction on the Araz River and the Mugan hydroelectric power station, their chemical and bacteriological analysis was carried out, and the corrosion condition of some parts was determined with an ultrasonic thickness measuring device;
  • Technical conditions for the production of plastic lubricants, bitumen against adhesion used in road construction, mineral fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, additives for various inhibitors and oils have been developed and test batches have been obtained.

In the reporting year, research on 42 topics and 118 cases covering 12 problems was conducted in the institutes of the department, 66 works were completed.

22 important scientific results in the field of fundamental scientific research have been obtained in the scientific institutions of the Department of Chemical Sciences and other scientific and educational institutions. Four applied works were tested in different organizations, positive results were obtained. 38 Azerbaijani and 2 Eurasian patents were obtained in the institutes of the department.

“Azerbaijan Chemical Journal” and “Chemical Problems” journals published in English at the Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry named after academician M.Nagiyev of ANAS (each issue is published 4 times a year) are included in “Scopus” database. Thus, articles published in all 3 scientific journals published in the department are included in the Web of Science database.

The results of the scientific work of the Institute’s staff are reflected in the materials of a number of international conferences, congresses and symposiums held in the country and abroad.

At the end of the report, the speaker spoke about the existing problems and the tasks ahead in the near future.

After hearing the report, extensive discussions were held around the speech, the report was adopted by the Presidium of ANAS and relevant recommendations were given.