The summer examination session of doctoral students and dissertations was held at the Institute of Botany

According to the decree No. 100 dated April 5, 2022 of the president of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences regarding the holding of the summer exam session and the admission of specialty and honors doctoral exams, the 2417.01 specialty "Botany" and "General Biology" doctoral exam was held at the Institute of Botany of ANAS.

6 dissertation students participated in the exam. 5 of them passed the "Botany" specialty, and 1 passed the "General Biology" honors exam.

The exam held with the participation of the chairman of the commission, the general director of the ANAS Botany Institute, doctor of biological sciences, Prof. S.J. Ibadullayeva and other members, was transparent and organized in accordance with the existing rules.The claimants answered the exam tickets in writing and orally for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Their level of knowledge was evaluated by the commission members with excellent and average scores.

Representatives of the Education Department of ANAS participated in the exam, head of the Doctoral Education Sector, associate professor Tubukhanim Gasimzade and senior specialist Sevinj Hasanova.