An international conference on “Biodiversity, land and water resources of Shusha and adjacent territories: a look into the future” will be held

With the organization of the Division of Biological and Medical Sciences of ANAS, an international conference on the theme “Biodiversity, land and water resources of Shusha and adjacent territories: a look into the future” (in a hybrid format) will be held on September, 2022 in the cities of Shusha and Baku.

Conference theme :

- Diversity of flora, fauna, microbiota, bioresources of medicinal value, issues of their restoration, protection and rational use;

- Forest and pasture ecosystems of the region;

- Red lists of Shusha and adjacent territories, issues of introduction and reintroduction;

- Protected territories of Karabakh, current situation and prospects;

- Genetic resources and food security of the region;

- Modern approaches in restoration, rational and safe use of water and land resources of Shusha and adjacent territories;

- Restoration and development of agriculture in the region;

- Diversity and prospects for the development of aquaculture;

- Gerontological research;

- Biosafety issues;

- Ecotourism and biodiversity;

- Green economy.

Theses should be sent to the email address [email protected]

Conference language: azerbaijani and english

The words “Shusha-Karabakh Conference” must be written in the subject field of the letter. The name of the thesis file should begin with the surname and first name of the first author, written in Latin letters, followed by the first words of the thesis title, for example: Rasouli_Aliakbar_APPLICATION_OF...

Above the title of the thesis on the right, the number of the section to which it belongs is indicated and then the line is skipped.

The text of the thesis:

-  Theses should be in Word A4 format, Arial font 12 pt (margins: indented 2 cm on each side), 1-2 pages in size, with a line spacing of 1.05;

- The distance between paragraphs is not set, the text is aligned on both sides;

- The title of the  theses should be written in Bold (black) with capital letters from the middle to the end, after skipping one line in the next line in the usual font from the middle to the end, the name and surname of the authors of the thesis are indicated (the name is written openly), after skipping one line at the beginning of the next line, the place of work of each author, country, e-mail address and mobile phone of the corresponding author are indicated;

- After skipping one line, the main text begins with a paragraph (paragraph - 1 cm) in the usual font.

An example can be found here.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 20.08.2022.

Theses that were not submitted on time, did not meet the requirements of the scientific level, did not comply with the above rules and were not seriously edited will not be accepted.

The conference materials will be published in electronic and printed formats.

Phone.: (+994 50) 463 63 27, (+994 50) 338 15 71.