The participation of Azerbaijani scientists and specialists in the projects of the COST activity of the European Commission is increasing

Associate professor, doctor of philosophy in biology,  head of the International scientific cooperation department of the Presidium of ANAS, Esmira Alirzayeva, participated in the annual conference held in Ankara on the project "Micronutrient metabolism in plants".

The event included detailed discussions on the relationship between plants and soil in relation to micronutrients, responses to micronutrient deficiencies and toxicity, the role of metalloproteins, achievements of various countries and scientific groups in relation to appropriate approaches to agricultural management, breeding and fertilization processes, and future scientific research in this direction. During the event, an agreement was reached on an action plan for 2023. An exchange of ideas took place on the preparation of proposals based on the results of the project, the organization of educational seminars for farmers, as well as representatives of relevant public and private organizations.

Within the framework of the conference, Esmira Alirzaeva held discussions on the preparation and implementation of bilateral and multilateral projects with participating scientific institutions of a number of countries in the relevant areas, and the initial areas of joint activities were identified.

It should be noted that up to 200 scientists from 32 countries that are full members of COST, as well as from 5 neighboring countries, including Azerbaijan, participate in the project.